The People Who Added To My Journey

 Courtney Dellafiora

Courtney and I crossed paths about 4 years ago. Our time together was short-lived but that goes to show you what kind of impact she has had on not only myself but also many others who can testify to her love for life. Courtney is a very inspirational person and what makes her inspiration unique is her method. It is simply her life lived out, being herself, loving on people, enjoying her life and living it to the fullest. These are the ways in which she has inspired me. Courtney is now an international photographer something she has dreamed of since the age of 15. This girl is absolutely phenomenal at what she does and it is not just because she was born for it but it’s also her immense love for people and life itself that does it over. She is one of the most humble people I have met and has the creative ability to make anyone and everyone feel special! I have asked Courtney’s permission to an interview on her out look on life and how she pushed past her own obstacles, and her journey of appreciation. You will see why she is one of the people who has added to my journey…You can also see more of her and her work at &


Good Morning Courtney! To open this up I’d like you to share with my readers what your “Life’s Motto” is and what established that for you.
My life’s motto is to “live the dream” and “be inspired”. I believe with all my heart that we shouldn’t just dream our dreams, but actually go out and LIVE them. I strive everyday of my life to live my dreams, because I never want to look back at life with regrets. Knowing I could have done more. Be Inspired is my other motto because I want to always remember no matter if life is beautiful or if  I am going through a storm, to be inspired through anything that comes my way. Because there is a lesson in everything, we just have to open our eyes and hearts to it.
-What keeps you motivated in your pursuits?
Knowing that I have been given this tremendous gift called life. Knowing that it could be taken from me at any moment. Knowing that it will be over in the blink of an eye. And knowing that I have so much to give and want to be used to make a difference.
– What are 3 most valuable things you have learned so far on your journey to your goals in life?
1. Always have a good attitude NO MATTER WHAT. A good attitude will get you so far in life.
2. Staying humble and remembering that it is God who has blessed me with the gifts and heart to fight for my dreams and beliefs. Being thankful in all.
3. Respect yourself, respect others. Respect is SO important in life. If you respect yourself and others around you, nothing can go wrong.
– 3 philosophy’s you live by?
1. Never give up. No matter what, never give up.
2. Be passionate. In everything you do, do it with your whole heart, mind, body and soul.
3. Be kind, love others. Having a kind, compassionate heart can bring you more joy than anything materialistic ever could.
-This impressionable love for people that you have, can you tell us where is came from or just simply your outlook on people that helps you have this great big heart for them?
I believe God created me with a heart filled with love. For as long as I can remember I have felt compassion and love in my heart for others. I feel overwhelmed all of the time with how much God loves me and I have a true desire to share that love and help as many people as I can during my time on this earth. I believe the problem with this world is that everyone wants to be loved. I wish I could hug everyone and let them know God loves them and everything is going to be okay. That they are deeply loved by the one who created them.
-With that along with what you have experienced in your profession what most disturbs you about what you have seen or been exposed to in the industry of media?
In my industry, something I have learned a LOT about is women. The thing that most disturbs me is how most women view themselves. It’s AWFUL. Self-esteem and confidence is SO low in our world today and it truly breaks my heart. It is my mission in life to help women see themselves as the beautiful creatures they are. To embrace what God has given them and stop complaining and stressing over what they are not. I believe true beauty is skin deep and when you are beautiful on the inside, you radiate on the outside. Confidence is SEXY. Confidence is beautiful. I am trying my hardest to change this in our world today.
-What are the things you can list as top 5 most rewarding people, places, things or events in your life thus far?

1. When God revealed himself to me at a very young age. Feeling his unfathomable love and favor on my life has been by far the most rewarding, life changing thing to ever happen to me.

2. Living in Peru for 6 years. It’s a huge reason I live with a grateful heart. It taught me so much.
3. A certain someone who has taught me so much. Mainly the meaning of true, unconditional love and how to be selfless.

4. Creating a place for women from all over the world to come and feel beautiful. My heart.. my pride and joy: The Boudoir Vixen 5. Meeting my sponsor child, Duangdao. Being able to support such a beautiful innocent child is one of the most rewarding things ever. (

– Any advice to the people who don’t feel that they have it in them to pursue their dreams?
Sometimes my dreams can seem SO FAR AWAY. Sometimes it feels easier to give up. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never make it. I completely understand those fears. But I can only say this, don’t give up. ONE STEP AT A TIME. No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it. Keep fighting for those dreams that burn inside you.


Sydney Rachel

I have been knowing Sydney for about 7 years now and I don’t know anyone better at being themself than this girl. You know those friends you only get like three or four of your whole life? Well she is one of them. I have always admired Sydney’s ability to be herself in any given situation, no matter the pressure or what is at stake. I have never seen her deny who she is. These days you don’t meet many girls you can say that about. We get so caught up in who we want to be or who we think we ought to be rather than accept who we are AS WE ARE. Because of the beliefs I have battled with in my heart towards myself these have always been traits that stick out to me when I see them in someone. Sydney agreed to a short interview of how she is able to stay at this place of self-acceptance. Maybe you can get a little something from what she has to share too…

Hey my friend! If you can, I want you to share a little bit about yourself and how you were able to get to this place in your life. I am sure things were not always this way for you. What are some things you do in times when it is harder to be self-accepting? …


I think the most important thing in my life that has helped me, was having a foundation laid early. It doesn’t matter what faulty construction you build on the foundation, when all of that fails, the foundation stays. I went through a testing of building myself on top of my foundation and failing miserably. I struggled with becoming myself and accepting myself through my early teen years after my parents divorced. At one point, for reasons so unimportant I don’t remember, I hated my dad. God used my situation and helped me realize that no matter the person or what they have done, they are still human and imperfect. That made me look at MYSELF and realize that who God made me is who I am and the situations I face are mine. I can accept them for what they are or spend time-wasting the good that can come from them and myself. I learned to build something strong on my foundation.

In the struggles of daily life, being a wife, a mother and building a business, I find myself questioning who I am and what in the world I am trying to accomplish!? Then I remember to breathe and that I can do what I have been made to do. God IS my foundation and together we built a strong house that knows who she is and what she is worth. Knowing that makes it easy to be self-accepting when I’m at my worst..God doesn’t build junk!



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