Stress-Ball: Through some of my tough moments my anger can get the best of me. I have been brainstorming on ways to handle my anger in the peak points… Something I have found beneficial for me are stress balls. I have one at my desk at work, one in my bag and a few at home. When I feel like I am having a hard time I grab one and do some breathing. It seems to help relieve some of the tension until the moment passes.

Heavy Weight Bag: I have been seriously considering getting a punching bag for the house and guys I think this may be a good anger reliving method for you (even though I belive there are other healthy methods you should try first instead of hitting something being your first outlet). Sometimes it just helps to let it out.

Negative Thinking:

Journal Assignment: For a long time it was very difficult not to focus on the bad of the situation I was facing and everyday I found myself very sad. I got tired of feeling that way ALL the time. For this, I thought to start a daily log that I would do at the end of each day right before bed. This log would be over everything positive that happened on that day. Some days I would just have simple things like “• Had my coffee •Made it to work on time •Got all of my school assignments done…” Over time I noticed throughout the day I would hold on to the positives things that would happen through out the day because I knew I would be writing them down that night. Doing this actually helped me notice the positive more and appreciate the little things that were going good in that day.


Talking to yourself OUT-LOUD: I know this may sound crazy and you will probably feel a little crazy doing it for the first couple of times but I have found that this has helped me in some of my overwhelming moments. The reason this helps so much is because it is louder than your “self-talk”. Mostly everyone self-talks (internally) throughout the day.  I saw it wrote once that it’s like running commentary on your life. For example, when you step into an elevator and everyone is awkwardly quiet and you think to yourself “something smells”, “this is awkward” , “why is the elevator so slow…” Etc… Now when a situation happens we sometimes create patterns of self-talk. This is when things can become overwhelming. When you are in the middle of what feels like an overwhelming moment talking out loud to yourself and stating the facts can calm you. It is the same theory sports players use to hype themselves up before a game, your just gearing this in a different direction.


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