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March, 11th 2013 


Wow. So it has been a while. I am currently 5.3% body fat now! I have been maintaining 5%. My first bikini competition will be in May!!

November 5th 2012

Well in one week it will be officially 3 months since I singed up with Kash in order to meet my fitness goal. I am VERY VERY VERY happy to say that I exceeded my goal and still going strong! My initial goal was to be at 12% body fat. I am currently 7.9% with a new goal of 5% by the holidays. I have a reason for this 5% goal. It is a short-term goal before I hit an off period before I begin to compete. Then I will maintain (hopefully) a 7%. This has been such an amazing journey thus far and I still have a way to go. My fitness interest has led me to a life in search of balance in all areas. I enjoy learning the self-discipline and seeing the results of my hard work. These past months I have been doing a lot of inner self work along with my outer self work. Each has helped me progress in the other. I love that I am able to see the parallels with the two. I am after a life of balance. Something I have been without for too long. There is more to come!

August 10th 2012- “It’s Official!”

Met with Kash Guidry on Monday and as of yesterday we made things official!! I will be working with Kash for the next three months learning my body, working towards my goal, and learning how to maintain it! I’m so excited about the next three months of my fitness journey! * Stay posted, I will be posting pictures and updates every week after my check-in’s to track my progress.

Those of you who read my first Health & Fitness post know that I mentioned not meeting my goal after completing Insanity. However, I did notice some results. After setting an appointment with Kash Guidry I started keeping a food journal to track all of my current habits and routines. I wanted to be able to show exactly what I am doing so that we would know what needed to be tweaked. Kash was definitely able to offer some good input and also inform me of what kind of changes would be taking place. I weighed in at 119 which is the most I’ve weight since October of last year. It wasn’t the weight that was the bad news it was the body fat percentage. Body fat percentage is what you really want to pay attention to. I am currently at 29% body fat. This is BAD. 29% for my height, age, and body type is not necessarily healthy. This blew my mind considering that I eat very clean! Kash let me in on a little something… It is more about what your body needs and how it metabolizes certain foods. It also matters exactly what foods you are eating (even if they are clean) and when you are eating them. You can still eat “healthy” and gain. That is what was happening to me. It is all about learning YOUR body and what works for you. Working with Kash will help me learn what portions are right for me and so on… My goal is to build muscle. When you build muscle you burn fat, right? We all know this. Well, I am what you would call a skinny fat person. Yes, lol…because of what I was eating (simply not the right foods at the right times) my body was more apt to burn muscle rather than fat. Even though I am somewhat a small person, with a body fat percentage at 29% I am not where I need to be health wise. Well, after tomorrow all of this changes! I will be dong a lot of adjustments from here on out. I really have come to enjoy fitness and clean eating more than I ever thought I would. Excited for what is ahead!! SO LET’S GET IT!!!!!!!! Stay posted on my weekly updates!

Body’s by Kash :)


Okay. So, I am a full-time student holding a full-time job and have been on a fitness journey for about two to three years now. Growing up I would complain about my weight and how it made me feel but I would never fully commit to anything in order to change that. I always thought of being fit as an impossible challenge. I would get discouraged easily at my efforts. In 2010 something clicked. After an unexpected event, the only place I could think to go to let out all that I felt was the gym. I didn’t think I had any other place to go and because I had been telling myself for so long that I would sign up one day I just did it! I told myself if I didn’t just do it, “one day” would never come. So I did. For the first couple of weeks all I did was get on the elliptical and cry haha. After those few weeks past I realized how good it felt to be there. I gained more energy as time went on and got familiar with more machines and free weights. What also helped me was meeting people at the gym who were willing to offer advice and educate me on A LOT of nutrition facts that I didn’t know. I had no idea how much my nutrition at the time was playing into where my body had plateaued.

Unfortunately, most of the people (mainly women) who I had spoken with are in fitness as a profession! I only say unfortunately because I hoped to relate to someone with a schedule similar to my own. I am still searching for a way to meet my fitness goals with the schedule I have and learn to maintain my goals once I reach them! I will be meeting with Kash Guidry on today for some advice and guidance in how to do that. I know that no matter what my schedule it can be done! About 3 months ago I joined a TRX class in my area. For so long I kept hearing about the TRX classes held in the back of the gym I attended so I had to check it out. The classes were run by Dalton Hunter, an athlete fitness trainer. Regardless of Dalton’s crazy schedule with school and what-not he always managed to bring it! TRX with his class was an awesome experience for me. Every work out was different and I always left dripped in sweat knowing I had accomplished a lot. He now has his own facility where he holds all of his classes. The classes held at his facility are filled with the most loyal people I have seen not only to each other but also to Dalton. I have been to a few different fitness classes and a boot camp before but never seen a class as tight-knit as this. He really holds a good group. It makes a huge difference working in a fitness group with people who are encouraging and really push you to do your best!

During some of these changes my gym membership was coming to an end so I wanted to try something different. I started doing Insanity after my membership ended. I loved it! The two months are up now and I did get some very good results along with a good habit of meal frequency. However, I did not meet my goal. Like I have mentioned before fitness is an ongoing process. Jobs change, vocation happens, and major events occur. You have to learn to mold the time for your fitness into whatever those changes are. With ALL of that being said I am in the process of finding my next step to reach those fitness goals of mine. After my meeting with Kash I will be making some additional changes!

*Pictures coming soon!

Check Dalton out on Facebook! See the team!!/HunterTrainingSystemsLLC


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