Small Changes

When some people start out with a major life change small steps is the best way for progress. It allows you not to be too hard on yourself while building some confidence in setting goals that you WILL achieve on the every day basis. If you are making the bold decision to alter your lifestyle habits and ditch the diets here are a few small steps that might help you get your head in the game long enough to notice some changes to keep you going! Btw these are not things you have not already read or heard somewhere else again this is what has worked for me! I remember when I weighed about 140-145. I would try to do little things here and there and they would never stick. I did not really make the commitment I needed to. There was always an excuse. I started about 2 years ago on this fitness journey of mine and have progressively seen more and more change. Because of these changes I have yet to return back to my old weight. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and I am working to be fit and healthy for MY build. Size 0-4 is not everyone and that is OKAY and it still gorgeous on you! The goal is to be healthy and fit for YOUR body, shape and size. :) These are the very first changes I made:

  • Water- Exchange other beverages you drink through out the day for WATER. If you really can’t stand the stuff try adding lemon/lime or a small amount of natural sweetener.
  • No fried foods or heavy sauces- Try cutting out the foods that are obviously NOT good for your health. Fried foods and heavy sauces are loaded with calories and unhealthy ingredients. If you know in advance you are going to an event or out-of-town etc. try to take a healthy snack with you like a protein shake.
  • Monitor- Simply pay more attention to what you are putting in your mouth. If you can not get yourself to back off of something completely at least attempt to do things in moderation. Instead of a huge piece of cake at a birthday maybe share a piece with someone or take a small piece with limited icing.
  • Do your research- So many people want a “quick fix” so they either jump into some new diet plan/program or they eat foods that they THINK are going to help them lose pounds or they are eating these food to justify themselves, “By eating ___, I will not have to eat ___” or “___isn’t as bad as ____” . Do yourself a favor and learn to read labels! You will be so grateful! (if you would like, I can post some information a trainer gave to me a few years back during a boot camp I was in).
  • Consistency- Practice being consistent. Some people use a food journal to keep track of meal times (every 2 ½ to 3 hours is best). The food journal has particularly helped me. It allows me to keep track of exactly what I am eating and is helping me stick to my meal times and lessen the sporadic snacking.
  • Prep Work- Prepare your meals ahead of time for the week!   Dedicate one day a week (that fits your schedule best) to prepare the majority of your food. Preparing creates less stress for you and can help you stay away from mindless eating on the go!

*For more tips check out Kelsey Byers (fitness model)


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