Recover From An Unplanned Binge

Drink Plenty of Water

If you drink a significant amount of water, you will flush out your system and dilute the richness of the food you ate. Also, the more water you drink, the less likely you are to bloat. So keep chugging!

Eat as clean as possible

After a binge you may feel sick, and eating clean will help your body recover. You may also think of it as a consequence of eating poorly and try to go for as long as sanely possible without junk! If you make a mess of your diet (meaning what you eat in your daily lifestyle), your body expects you to clean it up.

Don’t Give Up

Just because you slipped up a little doesn’t mean you can’t get back up! Finish the day strong with healthy meals and a nice workout. WARNING: Make sure you’re going as normal and not over-doing it to compensate for your mistake. Those type of habits are common in eating disordered individuals!

Let It Go and Move Forward

Stressing and putting yourself down for making a mistake in your diet is not the way to go. Take it easy and remember that your human *Fitness is a journey. Mistakes happen all the time, and it’s from these mistakes that we learn and grow! So chin up!

Remember the experience

think about what happened. How your body felt, your emotions,etc. Then next time you’re having a treat and feel like you’re gonna go overboard, think about it! Don’t make the same mistake twice.



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